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Here is why Town & Country School of Driving (TCSD) is your BEST choice.


TCSD has been in business since 1994, and is a proud member of The Wisconsin Professional Driving School Association (WPDSA). We have trained over 5,000 high school students. Our mission is driving safety for students, families and communities. Town and Country is based on the belief that the safety & needs of our students are of the utmost importance. Our teaching model is to empower our students to be in the "driver's seat" of their learning experience. We work directly with our students to set appointments, notify instructors if changes are needed and to keep their parents informed. Our instructors are here for you and are committed to meeting your needs. Bill and Tim welcome the opportunity to serve you.  We will advise you if we have any concerns regarding your student's driving.  


Online Classroom:     $75 (Online class is

offered through WPDSA)


Online + BTW:           $495

Service Areas In Wisconsin Include:





Town and Country Driving Curriculum Includes:

*The most practice in distracted driving

(the leading cause of teen crashes)

*The most driving in Madison, including beltline

and downtown lessons

*The most practice with stoplights, the most difficult skill for new drivers to learn

*Basic Trauma-Informed Driving Concepts

(includes ways to stay calm behind the wheel)

For questions, or to register, text us at: 608-335-5706

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