Town and Country School Of Driving (TCSD) -  MEMBER WPDSA - 24Years Of Safe Driving For Students, Families, & Communities
        Adult & International Students

Whether you would like to learn to drive, or just take some refresher training, Town and Country is also pleased to meet the adult (including older adults)  and international student needs:

*Bill has earned his Bachelors in Education from UW-Madison
   and has been teaching since 1977. 
*Town and Country School Of Driving has trained over 5,000
   new drivers, including over 1,000 international students 

*We offer the most practice in turns, stoplights, and lane
   changes (common reasons for unsuccessful driving 
*We will pick you up and drop you off at your home or location
   of your choice.
*You may use our vehicle for your road test.
*Hourly rate is $45 per hour!
For more information or to register for adult / international
student driving lessions, call Bill: 608-335-5706.
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